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A fresh look into the new.

Branch of the future &

network optimization.

European branch networks have gone through 2 phases of downsizing: The first as a result of the financial meltdown, the second, as a result of the customer's rapid embrace of digital banking. This has caused an unprecedented and widespread closure of branches across the European Union.

At the same time banks have challenged the conception of what a branch should be and do. From a purely transactional instrument to an active sales channel, fully connected with the rest of the bank's channels.

Less branches and of a different kind.

Beyond internet & mobile.

Digitalization is unstoppable. Customer's take it for granted and their expectations are bigger than ever specially as new players help them raise the bar.

But where to start? Should one prioritze efficiency, customer experience or sales? 

Rethinking partnerships.

The times of being the best at everything are over. Desintermediation has created a new breed of specialists that master every aspect of the retail banking business, ranging from technology to every dimension of banking products.

Rethinking the way you relate to them might be a new source of growth or a simple way to cut the clutter and simplify your business.

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