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This is what we do.

We at The Retail Bankers help Financial Institutions succeed in the retail banking space, by:

  • providing advisory & consulting services,

  • building, launching & managing new ventures,

  • supporting & executing investment projects.

Advisory and consulting services.

  • Recurrent services, like advisory, supervision committees or board positions.

  • Per-project consulting:

    • definition of strategic plans and roadmaps,​

    • implementation of Operational or Transformation plans,

    • followup of roll-outs in the field

  • Market research​

Fintech venture builder

  • Fintech incubator

  • Bespoke developments or incubations

  • Execution of Business plans

  • Interim management teams with milestone-based plans

  • Executive team build-up

Investment projects

  • Support in M&A: Business expert due-dilligence

  • Externalization projects

  • Preparation of investment plans (new projects, new market entry...)

  • Investment partners gathering

  • Co-investment

  • Regulatory processes

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